Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Krispy Kreme not so tasty

I’ve talked in the past about boys only breakfast, a Saturday morning tradition with my kids. We do donuts at Krispy Kreme, and have for more than 18 months, with only a handful of missed days (often due to travel). It continues to be a wonderful treat for the three of us.

This past weekend, I told my wife that donut production at the local Krispy Kreme (opened in late 2003) was down about half. The donut assembly line at our Krispy Kreme used to look just like this:

Image is from this Newsweek story from 2003, which is an interesting counterpoint to the news below.

But now it’s less than half of that. A year or more ago, we sometimes had to wait for a table, and one Saturday even had to come home because there were no high chairs available (thankfully both boys sit in the booth or chairs by themselves now!). But now seating is plentiful, with rarely more than one or two other families in the restaurant (around 8:30am when we’re usually there).

So I wasn’t surprised to see this news about Krispy Kreme inching closer to bankruptcy. Tom Kirkendall has been blogging about KK’s pending legal troubles for nearly 6 months.

Wonder whether we’ll have to scout a new location for boys only breakfast.

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  1. Rick -- are you forgetting your roots? Surely there's a Dunkin Donuts nearby!!