Friday, October 15, 2004

Irony du jour - Daily Herald endorses Kachiroubas

This is rich. In today’s endorsement for Clerk of the Circuit Court in DuPage County, the Daily Herald has this to say:

Kachiroubas has a comprehensive agenda for change that users of the office would welcome. He also conveys his plans with enthusiasm for the work ahead.

So if you head over to his web site to see this “comprehensive agenda”, here’s what you get:

(click for full-size image)

Wow. I mean, it’s comprehensive and enthusiastic!

Or not. For a real agenda from an individual with the energy and vision to make it happen, go look at Rob Freedman’s site.


  1. So true...
    I comment about the endorsement on my site,

    I believe that this race should be about who is public and honest about where they stand on the issues.

    I have faith that the Voters of DuPage county will see through Kach's plan to coast into office without answering to the people.

    Thanks for your support Rick!


  2. That's pretty funny. Seems about right, though don't it??? least in DuPage.

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  4. Yep. that's a pretty comprehensive plan. Just like the "outreach" page on the DuPage GOP site!

  5. Keep the faith Rob. We're pulling (and pulling the lever) for you out here in Naperville. You've got my wife and my vote locked up.

  6. Well what do you know, Chris now has an issues page up at his site.

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