Monday, October 11, 2004

Go Red Sox

Unbelievable. Major League Baseball was promoting this shirt on its website:

Go Red Sox. And if Tom Menino hasn’t passed an ordinance forbidding Pedro from pitching past the 7th, he should think about getting to City Hall. Pronto.

(And is currently taking votes on what the Red Sox response shirt should be. Go vote.)


  1. MLB has already recalled the shirts and taken them off their website.

  2. Could this be the year of Boston?

    Red Sox are in the MLB Playoffs for the second season in a row…and are going to pound the Yankees.

    The New England Patriots just set a NFL record for most consecutive wins (19)… are are going to the Super Bowl.

    Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is going to be President.

    Ahhhh…what a nice year to from New England:)