Friday, September 24, 2004

Hamdi: Nevermind...

Dahlia Lithwick picks apart the horrendous bungling of the Hamdi case by the US DOJ.

Keep in mind: we’re supposed to be exporting our wonderful system of laws to other countries right now (I think we’re still in the “nation building is good” phase). If that system were so darned good, why does our own government have so little faith in it when it comes to protecting us? (And how good will it be when those fledgling democracies try to protect themselves?)

(For the irony-impaired: I actually do think our system is worth relying on, especially when times are tough.)


  1. For my money Dahlia's law articles and especially the Supreme Court analysis is a must read every time. I'm not necessarily a fan of some of her other stuff now that Slate has given her an expanded role but her legal issue analysis is always well written.

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