Monday, July 12, 2004

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, famous houseguest

Those of you who followed the Dean campaign may remember Jonathan K-T, one of the campaign’s most accomplished networkers. He recruited hundreds of people to join the campaign, he helped campaign staff in Burlington on dozens of tech projects, and he generated a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the campaign. Oh — and he did all of this while living in Alaska and being 14 years old.

I’m looking forward to meeting Jonathan, who rolls into town tomorrow and will be spending the night with us here in Naperville before turning back around and heading out to DC. Jonathan’s fresh from spending a few nights at the Hynes house, where he got to attend a fundraiser for Kim attended by none other than… Howard Dean.


  1. Any chance he wants to come over and mow my lawn?

  2. Jonathan didn't cut any grass when he was at our house. However, he did write up a wonderful blog entry about Kim's fundraiser. Be sure to check it out at


  3. See as a Republican I was looking to give him an oportunity to improve his financial state. Not just a free room for the night. :-)