Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Jack Edwards...

That was pretty funny. John Edwards finished his speech, the family joins him, and Elizabeth is holding Jack. C-Span, sensing a special moment, zooms in. Jack’s face fills the screen.

It’s almost 11pm.

And parents around the country can clearly lip-read: “Mommy, I’m sleepy.”

They really are just like us!


  1. "They really are just like us!"

    roflmao! What did you think before hand? That they were Aliens from the planet Jupiter? Liberal, Republican, Independant.. Everyone's human. So what?

    Sorry to sound grump here but this really shocked the heck out of me that anyone would be impressed with a politician's family doing what normal families do. Especially when politicians love to have their daughters/sons walk around college campuses to talk to students. Where were you in College?

  2. rick, you should post ej dionne´s column to the obamablog. dionne talks about the "obama democrat" and describes obama as the figure at the end of the bridge clinton wanted to build into the twenty-first century. best coverage i have seen yet. check it out at


  3. Jack Edwards.. you making an NPR reference or do you mean John Edwards?

  4. Jeff - it's called sarcasm. Sorry, should've labeled it for you.

    OneMan - their 3 (4?) year-old son's name is Jack. Elizabeth was holding him on the dais after the speech, and while they were doing the waving-family think, the little guy could only say, "I'm sleepy!"

  5. I thought I caught you in a spelling error, drat. Keep up the posts and the audioblog stuff man, it's interesting. As I understand it we will in fact have a candidate sometime before November...