Monday, July 19, 2004

DuPage County blogger Hiram Wurf gets press

From today’s Courier News, a great article about Hiram Wurf’s weblog:

It couldn’t be easier to find out what DuPage County Board candidate Hiram Wurf is thinking.

Since March, the Naperville Democrat has maintained a running commentary on local, state and national politics at his Web site,, making him one of the few people seeking office at the local level to maintain what’s known as a blog — essentially a regularly updated online journal that is typically the work of a single contributor.

Hiram is a great friend of mine, and as a result of his work on the Dean campaign, was inspired to run for local office. I helped him get his blog set up, and in the past four months he’s been on a tear. Nathaniel Zimmer really gets why Hiram’s efforts (and, by extension, those of other candidates trying to connect with voters) are important: never before have candidates had such a great opportunity to let people know who they are. Says Hiram, “If you’re not willing to be open with the people you’re trying to communicate with, then you lose a lot of what blogging is about. I want (the public) to understand what I’m about.”

Congrats to Hiram for the good coverage, and kudos to Zimmer for a solid article.

This coverage is a stark contrast to the weak article in this weekend’s Chicago Tribune, which has the word “fundraising” in the title but somehow fails to mention how much money a single blog has raised. If you combined Kos and Atrios, they’d be tied with GOPAC in dollars raised (about $700k). And this quote was priceless:

“If you give an outsized voice to people who are political junkies, that may distort the process sometimes,” said Seth Merritt, a Web strategist at Issue Dynamics, a Washington-based consulting group.

Yeah, I hate it when people speak up. Much easier for the process to run its course when we have fewer people to listen to. But this is presumably a position Hiram’s opponent would agree with:

“I don’t know where he stands on the issues and I have not looked at his Web site,” [Wurf’s opponent] Schroeder said. “I’m not a Web site kind of guy.”

When told about the site, Schroeder called it “an interesting modern gambit.”

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