Saturday, July 24, 2004

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation

Welcome to the latest advertiser here at tins, Make Ohio Blue. (Not excited? Well, the individual behind MakeOhioBlue is none other than… Jerry Springer!)

MakeOhioBlue is:

a place to meet up with likeminded people, blog, get the latest Ohio poll data, read developing stories, even share an occasional much-needed laugh. Make Ohio Blue can be your personal clipping service – free of charge – of important news in Ohio politics.

On a related note, Slate is previewing the various swing states this year, and just published their analysis of what may happen in Ohio, and what that means for Jerry Springer. (No, really.)


  1. JERRY JERRY JERRY JERRY!!! ...or not. Those talk shows are a joke lol.

    Help Desk Software Consultant

  2. Rick,

    You might want to post a call for people to call/email their local affiliates in IL to demand - yes demand - that they cover Illinois State Senator Barack Obama's unprecedented keynote address in its entirety (unprecedented because a State Senator has never delivered the keynote before).

    Eric Davis
    Stuck in Phoenix when I should be in Boston...