Thursday, June 17, 2004


I’ve been playing with Gmail for a while now, and I am impressed. It’s the first time I’ve seen a web app really seem more like an app and less like a website. That’s a good thing, in my book.

Interestingly, they’ve pretty radically changed the typical e-mail interface. What makes it particularly remarkable is that even though they’ve radically changed the typical UI, I don’t think it’ll take any real learning curve to make it useful. And that’s impressive.

Speaking of Gmail, I’ve got a few extra invites. If you want one, let me know. I liked Jonas’s idea of giving them away to people who do worthy charitable work; but given that Gmail invites are being devalued due to Google flooding the market, I figure I can get away with just asking that you say nice things about me.


  1. Can you perhaps post some screenshots, to show the UI? I'm surprised that their site doesn't.

  2. Ask, and Ye Shall...

    No sooner had I made the request than a loyal reader and helper came through with a GMAIL invitation. In...

  3. A Gmail invite?!?

    Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! Over here Mr. Kotter! ;)

    But seriously the man who first introduced me (and many others I'm sure) to the name Barack Obama, many thanks.


  4. OK, between comments and e-mails, I've given out all of the invites I had for the time being. But will post again when I get more (probably in a week or so)...


  5. steven: there are several forums about Gmail that have screencaps of the UI, if only I had the bandwidth to plunk a url for you.

    darn, I really wanted another invite. Not for me- thankfully my hardcore blogger status gave me one- I wanted to get one for my mom, since shes sorta crazy and tends to overflow her inbox, but alas, c'est la vie

    -oh, and I loveee your site, its so great, I like your posts that are tech or legal related.

  6. Interesting counter-arguments.

  7. Can you please invite me to gmail?
    I'm a great fan of IT, uses email regularly and had enough of hotmail.
    Please please please! Thank you so much.

    My email is:

  8. Wells to keep everything on topic then, if you have anymore Gmail codes to spare please consider sending me one.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi there.

    If you've got any extra invite lying around I would appreciate it if you could invite me:

    Thank you very much.