Friday, May 28, 2004

Wikis entering the mainstream

Great coverage today for Socialtext, which was profiled in the newest issue of Business Week:

To capitalize on the opportunity, startups such as Socialtext Inc. are selling wiki software…Like open-source software, wikis may make their biggest mark less as a business than as a potent force for change — in this case, in the way people work.

Nowhere is that potential more apparent than in today’s far-flung, time-pressed corporate teams. Aaron Burcell, director of marketing for e-mail software startup Stata Laboratories Inc., says working on a wiki has cut the daily phone calls he made on a raft of projects to one a week. It also has allowed Stata to outsource more work, such as engineering, to India. Says Burcell: “I could justify the cost of the wiki just from the lower teleconferencing bills.”

Wikis may find their way into more public use. Adam Hertz, vice-president for technology strategy at Eastman Kodak Co.‘s (EK ) online photo unit, Ofoto, is mulling their potential outside corporate walls: Shutterbugs could use them to let relatives and friends contribute stories about photos in their collections. Before long, we may all be hopping a ride on a wiki.

And Kos just announced the dKosopedia, an open collaborative wiki that the community edits. (Think of this as the political junkie equivalent of Wikipedia.)


  1. Rick

    I'm intrigued by this idea.

    Kos seems to be doing one over in his space for progressives. I think that we're possibly going after a different audience....

    What are your thoughts on other political wikis?

    How do we start? Do we go thru Social text?

    You are way smarter on this stuff than I am, so I kinda defer to you....

  2. Wikis in Business Week

    Another sign Wikis are becoming mainstream in corporate land (via Rick)....