Sunday, May 23, 2004

Time for a new cell phone

The cover on my Treo cracked again (I had the 270, it replaced a 180 which had a screen crack). I’m not traveling as much these days, so a smart phone with e-mail access isn’t as important. I’m primarily interested in long talk/standby time, and the ability to sync with my PC. Beyond that, anything is gravy. (And though I was a fan of the Treo, I’m not all that interested in another so-called “smart” phone. Those that seem to be decent phones are either too expensive or don’t do well enough as a phone to be on my short list.)

Checking out the cell phones at, there’s certainly quite a few good deals out there. Last time I asked for input from my readers, I ended up cutting my hosting bill by 75%. So I’d love to see you recommend your favorite phone — feel free to drop me an e-mail or just leave a message in the comments so others can chime in.

Thanks in advance for any help. I’ll of course report back on what I end up going with, and how well it works…


  1. Interestingly, came across this phone at, which my Dad has and likes:

    Motorola MPx200

    Total cost: $9.99 after rebates. Maybe not a bad answer?

  2. Dunno if you can get it in the US, but the Sony Ericsson T630 is a sweet phone. It has long talktime, a good camera, and you can access email if you really want to.

  3. Hey Rick! Forget about the Motorola - you wanted decent standby times, right? Here are some suggestions - names may vary in the US, as I am in germany. Nokia 6310i, Ericsson R520m Both quite cheap and very nice technology wise.