Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Just when Handpspring service couldn't get worse

Back in August, my Treo 180 cracked. It turns out the flip cover is quite sensitive. The hinge simply cracked after about 8 months of use — and I was ready to send it back to Handspring for a replacement. But wait! Buzz had a better answer — he knows a guy in PR at Handspring who would be willing to help. And sure enough, Brian Jacquet sent me a replacement. A 270, no less. So I shelved the 180 and started using my upgraded model.

I didn’t make a big deal out of it at the time — I didn’t want Brian deluged with requests from others who wanted free Treos — but I was tremendously grateful. It was a great phone, and he really helped me out of a jam (not to mention he got me a better phone).

But here I am again, 8 months later (coincidental, that!) with another cracked Treo. Since the 270 was only 8 months old, I figured I’d be OK… just call support and get it fixed. Nope – turns out the warranty on the new phone is actually the warranty for the old phone… so it expired in January. To fix it, I’d need to spend $160.

If I’d abused the phone in some way, I’d feel responsible for its condition, and would accept having to pay. But normal wear & tear? $159? (The original Treo 180 cost me just $99.)

Talk about annoying. Anyone know anybody at Palm I can talk to? (Unfortunately, Buzz’s friend Brian was a victim of the merger and is no longer there.)

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