Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Mmmmm... USB memory sticks

Catching a spammer at an Internet Cafe:

A sysadmin for an Internet cafe in Dublin describes in nice technical detail how he caught an alleged "419" spammer in flagrante delicto. (“419” refers to a Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.) Evidently, a 419er is that stupid. [Peter Kaminski]

Funny — with all that money these relatives of wealthy Nigerians have, you’d think they could afford their own Internet access at home, and not have to hang out an Internet cafe with a “bulky laptop”. Great stuff. (You’ll have to read the entire article to understand the post title.)

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  1. U can do it yourslef by getting an auto boot usb memory stick http://www.babyusb.com with the whole of win 98 installed on it :P