Thursday, December 4, 2003

Replacing my aggregator

I’m looking to replace my current aggregator, NewzCrawler. It’s become a CPU hog, often consuming every CPU cycle to the point that my XP system becomes unstable. Here’s my list of requirements:

  • Stability. I’m not looking to become a beta tester for another app. I want something that works.

  • Movable Type integration. If I see something in my aggregator, I want to be able to automatically post it to my weblog.

  • Feed sorting. I like being able to see posts by feed, but I will also occasionally (especially after a long period of not reading my aggregator) want a “newspaper” view where I can just focus on items arranged chronologically, independent of source. Whatever aggregator I choose, I’d like it to handle both.

  • Web-based. Ideally, I’d like to just install something on my webserver and access it through a browser.

In doing a little digging, I found Feed on Feeds, a PHP/mySQL RSS reader that lives on a server. It doesn’t appear to allow me to automatically post to Movable Type, but this looks to be on the right track.

Which aggregator are you using? Which would you recommend?


  1. NewsGator...sensational!

    ActiveWords + movableposter + typepad + newsgator + feedster

    Dazzling solution, ping me when you want the demo.


  2. Are you an Outlook user? If so, NewsGator's my suggestion.

  3. Rick--I am a newsgator fan, myself, but it is PC based. Another friend has recommended BlogLines (recommended above) to me when I mentioned I was looking for an accessible-from-any-net-connection might be worth a look.

  4. I'm not an Outlook user, so I use NewsDesk (from It does not have the built in "Blog This" functionality, but from all the RSS aggregators for Windows, it is the best IMO.

    Now on the Mac, there is NetNewsWire which is the king of all aggregators. It is the nicest interface and has the greatest functionality of any aggregator I've seen/used. It's worth checking out at

  5. I've tried Newsgator, Feed Demon and Sharp Reader, and I like Sharp Reader the best.