Monday, December 8, 2003

I'm in Newsweek this week

As I noted in the comments last night, I’m in Newsweek this week as a result of last week’s post on the attack ads hitting Dean.

I think the funniest thing to come of this is that my Dad (whose name is also Rick Klau) has been receiving faxes of the article all day from business colleagues asking, in effect, “What the $!*@?” (Dad’s a Bush supporter.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads, contributes comments, and makes this site worthwhile.


  1. Rick sorry I did not get this on Kos liked I hoped but could not figure out all the Key strokes so I just sent a E-Mail to Kos telling him about this. Thought he might mention on one of his posts. I am a Putz with conputers.
    Great to hear you good work. Sorry your dad got
    drawn into it. Better start using Jr. on your posts. Ha Ha

  2. Congrats, Rick! Now you just need to work on converting your dad over to the Dean camp. :)

  3. Klau Sr., "Stay true to your roots."
    Klau Jr., "Listen to your pop."

    (Good catch Rick. I knew my old roommate from lawschool was a whiz with computer research.)

    Matt D.

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