Monday, October 27, 2003

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I’m writing an article about social networking and the crop of sites that are gaining some attention lately (Spoke, LinkedIn, Ryze, Tribe, and ZeroDegrees). As a teaser, I wanted to write about the original Oracle of Bacon developed by a couple of grad students at UVa.

Here’s the shocking thing: Kevin Bacon isn’t even among the top 1000 most connected actors. Even Mark Hammill (#1000) is more connected than Kevin Bacon. Bacon is actually #1222 (out of more than 700,000 actors in the database).


  1. Some apropos background/commentary for you, from the Digital Democracy class at HLS; links here:

  2. Not Bacon any more

    Who is the Center of the Hollywood Universe? Not Kevin Bacon, that's for sure (check on the list later down the page). Thanks to Rick....