Thursday, October 2, 2003

Greg Siskind (re)joins the blogosphere

My good friend Greg Siskind (who most recently co-authored a book with me) is back in the saddle with a blog focused on immigration law issues. Greg is the pioneer who started one of the first law firm websites a decade ago. And he’ll tell you that he maintained a weblog before there were weblogs. He’s got a point — of course, he used the very popular “Notepad” blogging software that was in use in the mid-90s. :)

You can read Greg’s entire note about that here. And I think by any objective measure, Greg’s right: the page he links to fits any conventional definition of the term “weblog”. Save that for a trivia question someday…

Greg’s is a very influential voice on immigration law issues, and I have no doubt that this blog will be a must-visit for anyone with an interest in the subject. Welcome (back) Greg!

One quibble, Greg: why no RSS feed?

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    Rick Klau notes that Greg Siskind has started an immigration law blog. Greg was blogging when blogging wasn't cool, having established a primitive type of weblog back in 1998 to keep his readers apprised of legislative developments surrounding the H-1B...