Monday, August 25, 2003

Hey Ernie!

Check this out:

OmniOutliner Export to iPod 1.0 | iPoding | What’s that in your pocket?

View your OmniOutliner documents on your iPod! Download this disk image file for two different scripts to either export outlines so that they show up in the iPod’s Contacts menu, or in the Notes menu for newer iPods.

I’m not a Mac user, nor do I expect to be. But this sounds very, very cool.


  1. Thanks! I'm up to my earlobes in new Mac stuff to try out. I've tried Omni Outliner (it came free with the Mac) but I like another program called Notetaker, which is more amazing. But thanks for the recommendation. By the way, are you getting my full RSS feeds? If so what aggregator are you using? It looks like Radio's aggregator is the only one that truncates the TypePad feed. Go figure.

  2. I'm using NewzCrawler and getting your full feed without a problem.