Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Boston Globe - Blogs Shake the Political Discourse

The article I referred to a few weeks ago is now out, by Joanna Weiss at the Boston Globe. Titled Blogs shake the political discourse, it’s a nice overview of the impact that blogs are having on the presidential campaign.

The article takes a local focus — Oliver Willis (Dedham), and Jock Gill (Medford) are both featured prominently. And she quotes me as well, though she didn’t add my local connection — I went to Acton-Boxboro High School.

And Ron Schmidt, a reader of this blog who was contacted by Joanna, is quoted here:

Ron Schmidt, a Dean supporter from Minnesota, said blogs give him ammunition for water cooler chat. ‘‘I work on people at the bus stop and work,’‘ he wrote in an e-mail to the Globe. ‘‘I have the information, and that’s what the blogs have given me … the POWER.’‘


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  1. It is so exciting to be part of a campaign like this. It really is people-powered, and the internet aspect of it has made it much easier for people like my husband and myself (who have never been involved in a campaign before and have limited free time) to make a tangible contribution that can help Dean supporters across the country.

    We have created a Dean graphics web site, which can be found at and it is linked to a Live Journal which allows visitors to suggest slogans, graphics, and resources they would like to see.

    I love that, just as Howard Dean cannot easily be pigeonholed as a certain "type" of candidate--but appeals to voters of all walks of life--Dean supporters come with such a range of talents and interests. This can keep this campaign fresh, keep it moving forward, and keep it in touch with the American people.