Monday, June 9, 2003

The most cogent observation from ClickZ...

…comes from Rick Bruner, writing at MarketingFix :

Denise Howell is totally hot.

No sense denying it. I had dinner with her earlier this year and can confirm that Denise is, in fact, a babe. Several co-workers saw me leave my hotel with Denise, prompting this conversation after I returned:

Co-worker: “Let me get this straight. You met this woman on the Internet.”
Me: “Yes.”
Co-worker: “And you went to dinner with her.”
Me: “Yes.”
Co-worker: “And your wife knows about this?”
Me: “Yes.”
Co-worker: “Wow.”

In addition, at least one co-worker was suddenly much more interested in blogging…

Denise: bookmark these posts. Return in six months — you can thank me later. :)


  1. You are a SAINT. And in six months you can bet the link will be emailed to my husband as a dim reminder of bellies past (and hopefully to come).

  2. So where is the PHOTO of Denise? Don't you carry one around in your pocket? Don't you have one you can email to us all?