Thursday, May 29, 2003

Dumb CSS problem

I could really use five minutes of your time if you’re a CSS wiz. For whatever reason, IE 6 is misformatting my home page. It loads the entire page, but then only displays column one (with the blog posts) up to the point at which column two ends. Everything that falls below that point is cut off.

If you have any idea why this might be happening, I’d love an assist.


  1. The problem is actually in your template. Try taking out the (div class="content") tag before the (div id="links") right before your calendar. Don't forget to take out the corresponding (/div) tag at the very bottom.

    Then take out the (div class=side) tag right before your (div align="center" class="calendar") tag. I couldn't find the corresponding (/div) tag for it.

  2. ...and put a (br clear="all" /) after the last (/div) tag.

  3. That did the trick. Many thanks!

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