Thursday, March 13, 2003

NY Times on NYC Meetup with Governor Dean

Here’s a great report by Lisa Napoli about the resounding success of the NYC rally for Governor Dean last week. Most interesting is the fact that the Dean campaign has partnered with – paying the company a fee in exchange for access to the e-mail list of declared Dean supporters. The result? A low-cost grassroots organizational platform – with potentially huge dividends.

The NY Times points out that it is unheard of in political circles for a rally numbering in the hundreds to materialize without any assistance from the campaign. Other candidates are not experiencing the same groundswell (yet) – which bodes well for the Governor’s campaign.

In other news: updated the blogroll to the right, adding myDD, noho-missives and Carl with a K. All three are pro-Dean weblogs with a political bent. Let me know who else is out there!

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