Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Struggling Airline Helped By Friendly Giant

Struggling Airline Helped By Friendly Giant
FORT WORTH, TX— Hit hard by the recession and the aftermath of Sept. 11, American Airlines has received some much-needed assistance from a friendly giant named Urno. “Urno has been of enormous help to us, mostly by picking up planes and running them to their destinations to cut fuel expenses,” American Airlines president Donald Carty said Monday. “He also helps wash our dirty planes by dipping them into lakes and rivers.” Carty said he has strongly discouraged Urno from swatting rival airlines’ planes out of the sky, but “sometimes, he just won’t listen.” [The Onion]

Flying more than 8,000 miles this week (all domestic) on American, I’m glad to know they’re doing everything they can to make my life easier…

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