Thursday, May 16, 2002

Fun Matrix Fact #147: Who Does Neo Work For?

Early in The Matrix, Thomas Anderson (aka Neo) walks into his company’s building. The name of the company is written in large letters on the outside of the building.

A few minutes later, he gets a call from Morpheus. Morpheus tells him to run to his boss’s office to escape. As he does so, you briefly see the same company’s name on the wall.

But something’s not quite right. What is it? And I don’t think it’s a mistake, as some have suggested. It actually reinforces the overall theme in the film.

(The Wachowski brothers really thought this stuff through.)

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  1. He works for Metacortex.
    and it dose have something to do with it.
    Now, if u want some real matrix fun, go try to hack there home page!