Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Lindows.com - you can trust

Lindows.com – you can trust Microsoft… really! ::: Here’s a snippet of a letter from Lindows.com CEO to Lindows.com “friends”:

[W]e feel obligated to disclose to you that we were compelled to disclose your email address to Microsoft during the discovery process as well as the content of many of your messages sent to us. We were not happy about doing this, but we had little choice. We have received assurances from Microsoft that they will not use or disclose your address for any purpose beyond this case.

For a company trying to compete with Microsoft, this is a startling assurance, don’t you think?

Lindows.com, for those that don’t know, is trying to release a version of Linux that will run Windows apps. Read some of the press about them here, and visit their web site to learn more.

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